Laat u meevoeren door een bijzondere onderaardse groeve


A Unique subterranean museum in the Cannerberg near Maastricht since 1996 an officially designated national monument.

One of the worlds best provided preserved limestone quarries, the Jezuïetenberg (Jesuit Caves), is located on the outskirts of the city of Maastricht, clode to the Belgian border. Exploration of this quarry, which forms part of the Fallenberg-complex started centuries ago when limestone was widely used as building material. Owing to the Jesuit Fathers there now is an subterranean museum in this vast network of galleries. Between 1860 and 1960 Jesuit scholars and theological students spent a great deal of their leisure time on Wednesday in this quarry where they recreated after their strenuous studies.

Apart from the many interesting studies and publications they produced, they drew a full scale floor plan of the quarry's gallery network, and moreover, they created numerous charcoal and coloured drawings on the cave's walls.

Furthermore they carved a large number of reliefs and statues on and from the limestone walls. Winged bulls, the Alhambra (including a fountain and a pond), Christ, Buddha, the head of Ramses II and many other fascinating objects are embellished in the interior of the subterranean galleries. When in 1968 the Jesuit Order left Maastricht, supervision and maintenance of these caves became the responsibility of the Jezuïetenberg Foundation.

It is possible to make a one-hour and half guided tour through the caves. The guide will tell you something more about the history of the caves and will provide background information about the drawings and statues that you will encounter. Reservations are obligatory and can be made on the reservation form below or calling the secretary Guided tours. Group must consist of at least 10 persons who are not under 18 years old. On Saturday you only can visit the caves at ten a.m., noon, two p.m. and four p.m. On Sundays and during holidays the caves are closed.

In the galleries there is a constant temperature of 10 degrees Celsius only. The humidity is as high as 98%. Consequently it is recommended to wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes.

We are closed on the following dates:


10 February till 18 February
2 April
27 April
28 April till 6 may
10 May
21 May
23 June
7 July till 19 August
22 December till 6 January


2 March till 10 March

On sunday we are closed


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